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M’sian Orders Waffle From Chocolate Shop For Father’s Day & Is Baffled By Its Presentation

today23 June 2021


It’s common, when purchasing food products, to not receive the product as it was advertised/visualized. After all, you’d want your product to look amazing in photos to entice consumers to purchase it so products are often plated, decorated or stuffed to the brim. This fellow Malaysian however, felt like the chocolate shop he purchased a Father’s Day waffle from took it a little too far by giving him a dessert that completely fudged (pun intended) the presentation of the order. In his – now updated – post, he shared a comparison of the product as advertised by the shop and what he ultimately received.


Photo via Facebook/Marcus Kam


Not exactly a feast for your eyes (especially during Father’s Day), is it now? He shared his thoughts in the post:


Photo via Facebook/Marcus Kam


His followers on Facebook also shared his disappointment.


Photo via Facebook/Marcus Kam


Marcus’ partner, Tracia, shared her messages with the Operation Manager of the shop after commenting on the post.


Photo via Facebook/Marcus Kam


The operation’s manager explained that the situation was not really in his control, blaming the rider for the way the item looked upon delivery. Tracia, on the other hand, was concerned about what he would do following this incident to ensure the quality of the product remained tip-top. He then stated that he would pass the message to the responsible food delivery services involved in the mishap.



Photos via Facebook/Marcus Kam


Following the public complaint, the chocolate shop sent Marcus a new package that looked a lot more like what was advertised.


Photos via Facebook/Marcus Kam


Marcus then updated his post to acknowledge the response from the shop.


Photo via Facebook/Marcus Kam


We’re happy that Marcus and the shop managed to work together to solve this issue. Mistakes being made are common in any form of business exchange. It’s the way you handle it that makes the difference. Safe to say, the chocolate shop handled it well as Marcus not only got a new package delivered but also a full moon waffle to claim for after the MCO is lifted.

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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