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Netizens Condemn The Annual Sales Of ‘Lemang Periuk Kera’ Approaching Hari Raya

“It is a TOILET for wildlife”.



Err, I’ll pass?


Every year during the festive seasons, Malaysians are quick to whip up delicious dishes, complimenting the various, rich cultural cuisines that our country has. Hari Raya is one of those seasons. From lemang and rendang, to your favourite kuih raya.


However, not all dishes are celebrated by the community. One, in particular, has been highlighted over the years, a dish known as lemang periuk kera (pitcher plant lemang). Without fail, this year, the dish has come up again, reigniting the annual cyberwar against its sale.


Photo via NST


Environmental advocate, @notsoaidil, through his Twitter account, expressed his concern over the sales of the dish.



Other’s were concerned about the health aspect of consuming the dish. This user said: “Take note. It’s no joke that a pitcher plant is a TOILET for wildlife in the forest.”



This user shared their frustration: “How many times do we have to educate Malaysians about lemang periuk kera? Aren’t news outlets sensitive? There’s no need to publish these stories. Selling lemang periuk kera isn’t something to be sensationalized. The plant itself is a toilet for animals and is threatened by extinction.”



Clearly, netizens are furious and frustrated. While some condemn the sales, others are wanting to try the rare dish.

We’d just like to remind you to take care of your health, especially as there’s a pandemic still at large. It’s best to stay safe not just from a movement point of view, but from a consumption aspect as well.


*Cover Image Credit: NSTP

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