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Netizens Empathize As Ebit Lew Assists 12 Year Old Orphan Who Lost Parents To COVID

today6 May 2021


Man’s got a heart of pure gold.


It’s quite unimaginable to lose one of your parents, let alone both. Unfortunately, that is the reality this 12-year-old boy must face for the rest of his life. Fortunately for him, there still are good people in this world, and Ebit Lew is one of them.



The entrepreneur, who heard about the boy, went to see him in Bukit Raja, Klang recently to lend a helping hand.



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A post shared by Ebit Lew (@ebitlew)


The video posted by Ebit Lew is captioned:

“I’m in despair seeing this 12-year-old child in Bukit Raja Klang sleeping by the streets. At such a young age he’s become homeless. His parents just passed away in January due to COVID. Poor boy living without any sort of direction.”



The 51-second video showcases the entrepreneur buying the boy clothes, shoes, and other daily necessities for him to get up on his two feet.



He shared:


“I quickly went to find this child. From afar when I saw this child I felt like crying because he’s so nice and well-mannered. Thinking how to live like this. When I asked about his parents he just started crying. God is great. I kissed his hand as soon as I arrived. No handphone. Didn’t even know me. His face was clean. “I have no one anymore, Ustaz”. Eh, don’t say that, child. I and everyone here are your family child,”


Netizens showered sympathy to the child after watching the video that was also shared on Twitter.


This user said: “Poor thing. Parents passed away due to COVID and this child is left alone”


Ebit Lew’s followers on Instagram also showed their sympathy towards the situation. This user said: “Thank you Ustaz for helping this child, making his smile. I hope this child grows up to be someone who contributes to many others.”



The world may be cruel to us sometimes. It’s our duty to help others who are facing struggles in life. We are grateful for those who do so such as Ebit Lew. May others follow suit to make the world a better place.


*Cover image credits: Instagram @ebitlew

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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