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“Poor Child”; Netizens Are SHOOK To See Child Attending Online Class From Roadside

today24 June 2021


Photos of a child attending his online class from the roadside have gone viral on Twitter.

The photos shared by @AimanPaku shows two children sitting on their chairs by the roadside of their housing area attending an online class through a smartphone.


Photo via Twitter/@AimanPaku


“Pity my nephew, just to get internet for an online class. He has to sit outside his house in the middle of a palm oil plantation. The line isn’t strong. It’s a good thing my little brother came with a (toy) motorcycle to accompany him. Best of luck Afiq Ho.”


Aiman has clarified that his intention to share the photos isn’t for sympathetic purposes. In fact, he stated that they just looked cute committing to this practice to study. He also said that the children were actually happy living there with enough food and clothes. It was just the internet that they lacked.



Photo via Twitter/@AimanPaku


However, many netizens weren’t having it. Instead, they felt an immense amount of pity, which is understandable.


“What a pity to see this”.



Photos via Twitter/@AimanPaku


“I swear I don’t understand this. It’s already 2021, why are there still people who have to face these kinds of struggles?”


Photo via Twitter/@AimanPaku


At the time of writing, authorities have yet to respond to the tweet despite many netizens tagging the related parties.

On the bright side, it’s amazing to these children finding any sort of way to attend their classes. Where there’s a will there’s a way. We hope they grow up to be brilliant and talented Malaysians.

*Cover Image Credits: Twitter

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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