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Puppy Saves Her Human Family Of 5 From House Fire

today25 June 2021


Disasters happen and usually, when you hear about it, it’s the fire department that comes to the rescue. In this case, it was the most unlikely of heroes that stepped up to save the day.

A puppy, YES a little canine friend was the saviour for this family. In an incident that happened in Teluk Intan, Perak, a puppy saved her human family of 5 from a house fire when it woke them up.


Photo via Terence Naidu


At 5 am in Eastern Garden, Anandaveli the house puppy pulled her owner, A. Vimala’s hair. When that attempt failed to wake her, the eight-month-old canine started to nibble on her face and ears. Other actions involved the puppy pulling on the 53-year-old’s pyjamas. At first, the mother thought her puppy was thirsty.


β€œI told her to get water at the kitchen herself but when she continued to pull on my clothes, I got up to see the middle section of my house, which housed the praying altar, was on fire.” 


Speaking to reporters, Β Vimala said her first instinct upon seeing the fire was to wake her family up.


β€œMy youngest son Vimalan, 18, had to assist my husband N. Marimuthu, 58, from the fire as he has difficulty walking due to stroke,”


Vimala was thankful that Anandaveli saved her family, further adding that the little puppy nearly died when it was born back then.


β€œI nursed her back to health. I even bottle-fed her,” she said, thanking their furry friend for saving the family.


Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu who presented financial aid and provisions for the family said he would help to apply for aid from the disaster relief fund under the district office.


Photo via Terence Naidu


β€œI will also help them to look for alternative housing since their single-storey house had been destroyed in the incident.”


Terence also praised the dog for its swift actions. β€œDogs are indeed man’s best friend,” he said, urging the people to be kind to animals and not mistreat them. β€œWho knows, a dog may save your life one day.” What a heartwarming end to a disastrous incident.Β  We hope Vimala and her family get the help they need! Kudos to Anandaveli for saving the day!

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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