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Racist ‘Hwa Chong’ Lady Shutdown After Old Video Goes Viral

today28 April 2021


A video circulating on Twitter of a woman recording a family in a supermarket has left netizens amused, baffled and appalled all at once.



In the video, a woman can be seen filming herself, but the focus is on a family next to her. The family is seen having a heated conversation, with one walking away before coming back to his family. Now, no one is raising their voice in the video, nor do they actually address the woman who is filming. However, the caption of the video accuses the family of harassment.


“People ask why I’m always filming Malays. That’s because they’re always trying to come near me. I’ve said it so many times before and I am going to say it again here. I am a student from […] and am a graduate from a Canadian university, so naturally the guy I am looking to marry has to be of higher educational or professional level.”


But, as it turns out, the family are merely having a conversation about what peanut butter to get.



Now, even though the video was uploaded back in 2019 (which is why no one in it is wearing face masks), it was only recently that the family in the video found out about it. Ismail Tahir, through his Twitter @EizAly, shared a screenshot from the video informing others that he and his family had received many texts about the said content.



Upon further digging (as of the time this article was written), we have discovered that the channel has been taken down due to a violation of YouTube’s policy. The account has been flagged for content that is “designed to harass, bully or threaten”.



Here is a short clip on Twitter shared by user @pelisahh –



Looking back, however, the channel had close to 30 videos of the same lady (revealed to have been from Singapore) just doing her thing – which is, apparently, harassing what appears to be unsuspecting Malay or Indian strangers who are also ‘doing their thing’ (which a lot of the time, is literally nothing). This has been going on since as early as 2016, with the first video being from December that year. Unfortunately, they’re presented by the creator as “threats” through misleading titles.  The most-watched video, “Malay Man Attempted To Molest Chinese Woman”, has more than 75,000 views.


Photo via Tan/YouTube


The content mostly shows the lady making racist remarks and harassing selected people, with some trying to avoid the camera after realising they’re being filmed. In her caption, she does mention:


“I started getting physically assaulted by Malays after I approached MP Fatima Lateef for help because my Malay then neighbour […] was trying to force me to marry their son”.


Source: Twitter / @KeffleWaffle


Whether or not this is true, we have yet to see any reports affirming or denying her claims. However, with her videos now going viral, the police are now investigating the woman in question.


Looking back at the case, netizens, wished Ismail well. Most of them took the time to check in with him, asking if he was alright handling the situation.


Others were more intrigued with the selection of peanut butter as that was the main focus of the clip shared on Twitter.


Clearly, it’s the peanut butter that’s the main star of the incident here



(Ismail revealed that they got the smooth peanut butter, btw, in case you too were wondering.)


Laughs aside, we should all be reminded that it’s unethical to film people without their consent, much less do so in order to paint them in a bad/false light.  Privacy and respect go hand in hand here. Let’s be better people.


*Cover image credit: Twitter @EizAly 


Written by: Mifzal Malik

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today28 April 2021

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