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So This Woman Was Late For Work Because Cows Invaded Her Garden…

today3 June 2021


Poor woman. And it was her second day on the new job, too!


Emily Jones from Whitworth was about to head off to work but was greeted with two cows in her front garden, leaving her stumped. She couldn’t believe her eyes seeing the two animals just standing on the grass outside her house, blocking her from getting into her car.  Not to mention the pressure of trying to get to work early on your first few days at a new workplace!


MEN Media


Forced to make a decision, Jones decided to prioritise her safety instead. Thankfully for her, her boss at Rochdale Infirmary was not only understanding, but also found the hilarious side of the mishap. 


“I stayed in my house until they left,” Jones said.

She added,


“No way was I going outside! I was just about to set off for work and had to tell my manager I would be ten minutes late. She found it hilarious when I showed her the pictures.”


Unlike Jones who wished to stay as far away as possible from the cows, her neighbours were seemingly unfazed. They came out and began stroking the two animals before shooing them along. The cows were so polite that they didn’t excuse themselves without leaving a parting gift for Jones to find!


“They are so friendly. But they did leave me a present on my rose bushes!” Jones quipped.


A resident posted the photos onto Bacup Past And Present Facebook page, inciting hilarious comments from amused users. 


One left a comment saying, 

“Slow mooooving traffic.”

Another said,

“Some farmer’s let his cow get loose, how dairy…??”


At least Jones will have a great story to tell at parties.


*Cover image via MEN Media 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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