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Seen These Cars Before? Viral Yellow & Green Kancils Have Been Taken Off The Roads

today26 April 2021


Police have finally detained The Yellow Kancil. 


In a tweet shared by Media Prima journalist @redzuanNewsMPB , it’s been reported that the viral Kancils, roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur, have been confiscated by police. The vehicles, yellow and green respectively were confiscated after the driver was stopped on a late Saturday night.



According to the police, aside from the vehicles not passing the safety specifications, the driver also does not possess a driver’s license. Yikes! Here is the video of the car being taken away:



It should be a sigh of relief that a driver of such has been stopped by authorities. Netizens however were more appalled by the fact that the driver was fined. Most thought that he should be given assistance. This user shared their disappointment with the decision, saying “Why would you fine.”



This user felt that they can’t rely on anyone else except businessman and preacher Ebit Lew, questioning “Do we need to rely on Ebit Liew even for this as well?”


Ebit Lew has been assisting many people – even people outside Malaysia – ever since the pandemic began, getting praise from Malaysians. Over the past couple of years, the cars were been spotted countless times on Malaysian roads – to the point that Malaysians were able to make a compilation video.



It’s a tough pill to swallow for the owner of the vehicle, with netizens suggesting for him to seek help as it wasn’t just one car that was in questionable condition.  We hope the owner of the vehicle receives the assistance he needs. Road safety is always number one!


*Photo Credit: JSPT KL 

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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