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These Redditors Share Their “Glitch” In The Matrix Stories And It Will Creep You Out

today30 May 2021


Sometimes it seems like the universe is playing tricks on us. 


According to Reddit user superunhappyfuntime, they told a story of how they walked into a kitchen to see a dozen freshly boiled eggs sitting on a tray. Up for a good, healthy breakfast, the user picked up an egg, headed over to the bin, and proceeded to peel off the shell. 


“Then I walk back over to the food and stop dead. There are 12 eggs in the tray again. No one entered the room while I was peeling the thing,” wrote the user. “I touched the mystery egg [and] it was the same [temperature] as the other eggs around it.”



Reddit user Sarax11 replied to the thread with an even more bizarre story, one that involved their narrow escape from death.


The user began by revealing a recurring dream they had about a woman with long black hair named Aurora (pronounced A-roar-uh). The dreams were different, but the face and name remained constant until the dreams stopped.


Until a few years later…


“I’m in the car with a friend. We [sic] stopped at a gas station. I’m about to pull out and merge onto a highway when I get a phone call from a random number,” the user wrote. “So I stop the car but no one answers [sic].”


The car behind the user grew impatient and swerved in front of the user to get to the highway only to run into the path of another car that had lost control. Both drivers ended up dead. 


“It 100% would have [sic] been me if I hadn’t gotten [sic] that phone call,” user Sarax11 wrote. 


And when the user called the number back, it went to voicemail…


“Hi, you’ve reached Aurora, please leave your name and number.”



The user decided to call Aurora again the next day and told her the entire story including the dreams they previously had. 


“[Aurora] tells me she doesn’t know how I got her number and that she never called me as far as she remembers. Weird. Asked [sic] her if she has Facebook to confirm if she is in fact the woman in my dreams.”


And she is. 



Despite prompts from other Redditors for a follow-up, the story ended there.


Have you ever had such bizarre occurrences that haunt you to this day? Let us know in the comments below. We would like to know!


*Cover image via NASA 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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