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Viral TikTok Slammed By Netizens As It Ridicules “Broke Friend”

Please don’t do this to your friends…



Not a true friend, I guess? After all, good friends look out for each other, no matter what the circumstances are.



Apparently, however, this group of friends did not abide by that definition of “friendship” when they uploaded a 12 second TikTok.The clip shows how one of their friends tagged along with them to what seems like an expensive restaurant. However, since she could not afford it, she brought a pack of McDonald’s fries with her to eat as she dines with the rest of the group.


The video captioned “When your too broke for Ale house but u still wanna go out with the girls” was heavily criticized when it was shared on Twitter by user @mamalifewithme.


Source: Twitter / @mamalifewithme


This user tried to justify the video –


But other’s weren’t having it.


This user tried to educate others, being firm about the rules of friendship.


And we think it makes sense, no? Netizens opinions on the video are as clear as day –


This user even implied that all her friends weren’t just as broke for not being able to pay for her, but were fake as well for not being able to help their friend.



With all that said, we’d just like to advise everyone: look out for your friends. Help each other out when you can and as necessary. Don’t be that friend that pokes fun at someone’s burdens. And if you can’t give monetary help, don’t sweat – there are other ways to help, like lending a listening ear, moral support or just saying, “Hey, as this is out of our means for now, let’s just do something we can both afford so we can still spend time together.” It’s not how you do it, but what you do.

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