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Watch: Astonishing Video Shows Woman Fending Off Bear To Save Her Dogs

today2 June 2021


I mean, WOW.

A video has gone viral on the internet of a woman seen fending off a bear from the wall bordering her house and her neighbours.

The clip, which was originally posted by Instagram user @bakedlikepie and then shared by pop culture platform “Complex” on their Instagram, shows a bear on the wall attacking dogs in the housing area.



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A post shared by COMPLEX (@complex)


In the clip, the owner of the dogs is seen rushing out of the house at super speed and shoving the bear from the wall. Netizens found this amusing as the woman showed no fear whatsoever. In fact, we could even say she showed pure bravery and dominance in dealing with the situation.

Netizens are found her act very brave and applauded her for her quick actions.


Photos via Instagram/@complex


One netizen even cracked a joke as seen in the photo above, saying that the woman should be on duty at an NBA game as she showed quite a level of aggression in the video.


Photo via Instagram/@complex


Another heartwarming comment is from this netizen, who emphasized the loyalty between the dogs and the woman.

The video at the time of writing has about 2.7 million views, and we’re not surprised. I mean, how often do you see this kind of incident happening? A BEAR being fended off?!

We’re equally surprised as you are with the way the woman handled it. What’s important is that the woman and her dogs got away scot-free. Not to mention the bear. It didn’t know any better!

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @bakedlikepie

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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