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Watch: Caprice Reacts To Girls Heartbreaking Montage Exposing Her Cheating Boyfriend

today19 June 2021


A video montage has gone viral on social media showing a boy taking photos and videos with multiple girls. The video was uploaded on IGTV. However, at the time of writing, it appears that the video had been taken down. But you’re not all out of luck if you want to see it. Before it was taken down, local entrepreneur Caprice managed to record some part of it as he shared his opinion on the issue.



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The video shows a montage of photos and videos of one guy, who appears to be going on multiple dates with different girls. The creator only titled the video, “Aku cuma punya hati (My aching heart)” as the video was supported with an emotional song to convey her feelings. Caprice addressed the situation, and opened his statement with a cheeky joke:


“Kita sebagai Ketua Persatuan Buaya Malaysia mengucapkan takziah kepada brother. Kita cuma ada satu soalan saja; adakah anda bawa kereta […]?Β 

(We as the Leader of the Persatuan Buaya Malaysia would like to share our condolences to [the] brother. We just have one question; do you drive a [car brand])”


Buaya‘ is local slang for a person who goes out with multiple partners. After clarifying that he was just joking, he changed to a more serious tone.


“We as human beings will always make mistakes. When we have a haramΒ relationship, we will invite other haram things by default,” he said.


He then ended the video by saying it’s better to repent than continue with these sorts of activities. Despite the video being about something rather serious, some decided to respond to the earlier joke by Caprice with another joke.

“Who voted him to become a playboy? I didn’t vote for him!”


Photo via Instagram/@capriceofficial


But many others took it seriously. The top comment goes, “I don’t know what to say, my brain just dropped and disappeared,” while the bottom says “It’s because of him that girls no longer trust guys!”


Photo via Instagram/@capriceofficial


Whether you’re a guy or girl, it goes without saying that loyalty and trust are the backbones of any successful relationship. Don’t forget that karma is very real, and could come back for you tenfolds.


*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @capriceofficial

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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