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Watch: Content Creator Slammed For Attempting To Buy One Anchovy

today11 June 2021


Be kind to others.

Respect goes both ways and knows no status. Whether from a cleaner to a CEO of a company, or the other way around. That’s how it should be, now and always.

Netizens have felt that the following video shows none of that. A TikTok shared on Twitter by user @AdwinWidanta shows a content creator attempting to weigh in ONE, yes you read that right, ONE anchovy at a local grocery store.



“Don’t do this. You have no idea how tired he might be. On a bad day, you might make others angry and (they’ll) retaliate. Please respect the duties of others.”


The 24-second video shows the creator deliberately taking one anchovy and putting it in a plastic bag to be weighed. The staff questions him, “Apa ni?” (What is this). The creator then responds, “Boleh?” (Can you?), asking if he can weigh it. The staff looks back at him, looking confused and maybe even furious. He responds:


“You want me to laugh is it?”


Photo via TikTok


The video ends with the creator saying he’ll add more anchovies and walks off laughing. Netizens who watched the TikTok were raging in fury to see this.

“Does he think he makes the most hilarious content? His brain and the anchovy’s (brain) shows no difference.”



This viewer did not hold back their anger, “This idiot must think he’s the funniest, coolest (creator) making content like this. Those who laugh at these stupid jokes are just like him. I’m so angry with people behaving like this.”


Photo via Twitter/@AdwinWidanta


The heavy criticism showed no end, with many even tweeting with their feelings rather than rationale.

“So we’ve come to this, the culture of making content to the point that we trouble strangers around us? I hope the culture of the public beating up content creators (who trouble others) will also appear.”


Photo via Twitter/@AdwinWidanta


While we do not condone violence of any sort, we also do not condone content creators who resort to troubling others, especially strangers for the sake of views. Let’s be responsible when creating.


*Cover Image Credits: TikTok

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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