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Watch: ‘Deliberate Act Of Racism’ Shows Woman Disturbing Man Trying To Pray

today11 June 2021


Tolerance is important.

When you live in a multicultural country, you’re bound to be exposed to different practices of worship. But ethically, you would respect each other’s beliefs, because that what a good citizen would do.

Well for this case, it seemed to be the opposite.

A Facebook video was shared on Twitter by user @errant_drifter shows a man praying, but is interrupted by a woman behind him.


As soon as he rings his bell, the woman behind picks up a gong and immediately strikes it multiple times until he stops ringing the bell.


Photo via Facebook/Livanesh Ramu


“Mans just trying to pray. Why would anyone be THIS petty? This vile behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated.”


The original publisher on Facebook, Livanesh Ramu shares the tale.


“Like many other Hindus, this has been a part of our family’s 5-minute, twice-a-week prayer routine. Having lived in this home for more than 20 years we have never had any issues. I guess with COVID we have a new norm…”


The video that the Twitter user has clarified to have happened in Singapore, has gotten empathy from netizens of various races.

“I used to live in a flat building where my neighbour was a Hindu. It’s their prayer routine with the sounds of the bell. I don’t feel irritated at all because it isn’t even loud. Still bearable. Also, we live in a country with various religions. If you want to be angry, go buy an island and live there.”



Photo via Twitter/@mychemicalea


This user called for legal action to be taken immediately from the government.


This user even shared that there were viewers that laughed watching the video.



Since the video went viral, the original poster has clarified that the case has been forwarded to the authorities in charge.



Reiterating what the above viewers have said when living in a multi-racial country, it’s best to learn tolerance towards the practices of different races. While our beliefs may be different, we are still citizens and we all work towards the same objective; to make the country and world a better place.

*Cover Image Credits: Facebook Livanesh Ramu

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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