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“Dia Pukul Saya Cik”; Sobbing Heard From House As Man Allegedly Beats Wife & Child

today16 June 2021

*T/W: Abuse. Reader discretion is advised.


The MCO 3.0 or ‘total lockdown’ implementation has most definitely affected households nationwide. Many are struggling financially as well as facing difficulty keeping tabs on their health.


Other problems we have would also include household violence. This incident is a prime example. A video posted on TikTok by @nurbby_ and then shared on Twitter by @AidaSue shows disturbing scenes of police arriving at a house where sobbing and screaming could be heard.



“Good job sister. If you see or hear your neighbours getting beaten by men, please make a report or call the police. Many victims are afraid or are threatened by their husbands. Many men don’t deserve to become husbands nowadays.”


In the video, the woman could be heard sobbing while trying her best to explain to police arriving what exactly happened.


“Dia pukul saya cik, dia pukul saya cik.”

(He hit me sir, he hit me sir)


The thread continues with a video of what happened prior to the arrival of the police.



“This is what happened before the police arrived. I can’t with this, you’re a husband that should be protecting your wife and child, not beat them.”


The audio in the video (which is very dark), in which a child cry can be heard, the mother pleads with her husband, saying that “it hurts” (as confirmed by thisviewer below).




This viewer shared their empathy for the wife and child.



The police have yet to release a report on the incident. As per The Malaysian Reserve, during the first MCO, it was reported that there were fourfold increases in domestic violence reporting, through the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development’s Talian Kasih, as well as the various hotlines of women’s NGOs like Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), AWAM, Women’s Centre for Change Penang, Sabah Women’s Action-Resource Group and Sarawak Women.


Domestic violence, abuse and harassment are serious issues and should not be taken lightly. Speak to someone you trust if you are going through emotional, psychological or physical abuse/harassment.


The following organisations (no matter if you are a man or woman) can also be contacted for help:

1. Women’s Aid Organization – +60 37957 5636 (Their website has an easy exit option & will not show up in browsing history should you need it)

2. Malaysian Police – 999

3. All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) – +603 7877 0224

4. Sisters In Islam (Telenisa Helpline) – +603 7960 8802

5. Talian Kasih Hotline – 15999 (24h)

6. The Befrienders KL – +603 7956 8144 / +603 7956 8145


*Cover Image Credits: TikTok

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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