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Watch: Video Exposes The Exploited Side Of Mount Everest

today29 May 2021


Located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas, Mount Everest is the Earth’s highest mountain above sea level. It’s a mountain that attracts many climbers, including professionals.

But that’s the glorious side of Mount Everest. You never hear about the problems the people there face.

This is where this TikTok video comes in. Posted by user @dereckramireztv and then shared by Twitter user @nalisaaa, the 1 minutes 32-second clip shows the other side of Mount Everest. The side that capitalizes on the skills of the Sherpas who work there.



“These are the Sherpas of Mount Everest. And as important as they are, their lives are treated as worthless….”


The video goes on to explain how they are the manpower of all expeditions carried out at the mountain and are expert navigators. They assist climbers going through difficult terrain including avalanches and extreme altitudes.

The disappointing part of the video comes next where the visual shows the rubbish left by climbers, which are then cleaned up by the Sherpas.

Photo via TikTok/@dereckramireztv


“Despite having one of the hardest jobs in the world, they are paid very little. A Western guide can earn $50,000 per season, where Sherpas only earn $5,000.”


The casualty rate there is heartbreaking. The video explains that Sherpas death covers 40% of all Everest deaths in the last century. To make it worse, when they pass away, infected families are only offered condolences and minimal compensation from the government.


Photo via TikTok/@dereckramireztv


To foreigners, they may seem like just another worker, but Sherpas also have a life and family aside from climbing the mountain.

Netizens showed their empathy towards the Sherpas, many leaving heartwarming comments.




What do you think can be done to make things better for the Sherpas at Everest?

*Cover Image Credits: TikTok @dereckramireztv
Unsplash/luo Lei

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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