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Watch: “You’re All Stupid!”; Customer Vandalizes Fast Food Restaurant After Receiving The Wrong Order

today20 May 2021


Hope the crew is fine!


Emotions can get unstable when you’re hungry – I mean the term “hangry” exists for a reason. Hunger can be an incredible test of our patience. Muslims have faced this test recently during the fasting month.


Unfortunately, this fast-food restaurant customer failed this test of patience. A video shared by Twitter user @aidilashraaf96 shows CCTV footage of a fast-food restaurant along MRR2, Ampang where a customer decided to vandalize the restaurant’s equipment after they failed to give him the correct meal he ordered.



The video is captioned: Incident at Burger King MRR2. This brother is so rude. Not only did he insult the Burger King crew, he even vandalized the equipment on the counter.


In the 2 minute and 9-second video, he is seen receiving his meal and walking off, indicating that all is well. But moments later he returns, cursing. It can also be heard that he requested for a ‘double’, which we assume he’s referring to as a burger with two patties.


“Menyusahkan orang lah kau”

(You’re troubling others)


The crew takes back the burger they initially gave and prepares another one that fits the order he paid for. As they do that, however, he continues to rant, “Orang nak makan pun susah lah kau (People wanna eat also difficult, you know).” The video continues with him cursing at the crew.


 “Tengok lah betul-betul!”

(Look at it carefully!) 


As he says that, he knocks over equipment on the counter, causing it to drop onto the floor where customers would line up.


Photo via Twitter/ @aidilasrhaaf96


The crew responds to him following this vandalism, “Bahasa tu elok skit (Mind your language).” The videos end with the crew giving him his correct order and them cleaning up the mess the customer caused at the scene of the crime.


Netizens were not happy to see the scene. Most of them sharing their thoughts:

This user said: “With women of course he can do that, no?”


This user requested for empathy: “This brother should try working in F&B (Food & Beverage). I wanna see if he can survive or not during the time when people get their salaries + on weekends. Non-stop flow of customers in a single day.”




We’d just like to remind everyone of the importance of treating others with respect. Everyone’s going through their own battles and really, it doesn’t cost a thing to be nice to strangers. Let’s make the world a better place.


*Cover Image Credits: Twitter @aidilashraaf96

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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