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Woman Fired After She Is Seen On TV Celebrating England’s Goal

today10 July 2021


A woman was fired after getting caught red-handed celebrating England’s equalizer in the semi-final match that saw the team qualify for the final Euro 2020 tournament for the first time in its history.

Nina Farooqi, a 37-year-old English woman that worked as a content creator prior to the event lied to her employers in order to go to Wembley Stadium to watch the semi-final between England and Denmark.


Photo via Daily Mail


She created an excuse that she was sick to avoid going to work in Yorkshire after her friend offered her tickets to experience the historical night in Wembley.

What broke the secret was that when the equalizer was scored, Nina’s face appeared on the television screen together with her friend. They looked happy celebrating the goal. Little did she know, her employers were also watching the game.

On the way to work the following day, Nina received a phone call from her employers telling her that they did not require her to be present.


“They saw me at the game and I meant to do what I did. However, I got no sympathy from them and the decision was final.” 


She continued to explain that there was a feeling of regret. After all, no one wants to be fired. But she also said that she would also be regretful if she didn’t attend the match.

She told media that initially, she didn’t think she would be spotted in a crowd of over 60,000 spectators.

However, after the game ended, she checked her phone during the first half. She said, “We are on the front page of the news, my face is on every television screen across the world.”

“I’ve got mixed feelings. We reached the finals, I’m happy, but I also lost my job.”


Original article by thevocket
*Cover Image Credits: Daily Mail

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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