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Woman Throws A Tantrum In Public After Boyfriend Won’t Let Her Buy Expensive Clothes

today9 July 2021


It seems as if there was a lack of embarrassment for this woman who went as far as to throw a tantrum towards her boyfriend in front of the public eye in a shopping complex in China.

To think that it was solely due to her desire to buy expensive clothes and shoes that were not approved by her partner.

World of Buzz reported that the couple was from Shijiazhuang nearing the area of Hebei and the incident occurred in Plaza Wanda recently.

The couple initially took a stroll in the shopping mall before entering a shop selling clothes and shoes.

The chaos began when the woman had her emotions take control after her boyfriend did not abide by her demands to buy a product worth 1,800 yuan (RM 1, 159).


Photo via Weibo


China Sohu reported that the man denied his partner’s request as the price of the product was too expensive.

As she felt that her boyfriend was exposing her antics, she then started to throw curses at her partner to the point that a hefty argument started.

Video footage from one of the mall visitors showed the couple starting to argue in front of the premises.

The unidentified woman was also believed to drag her boyfriend while taking his clothes off forcefully.

The incident garnered mass attention from netizens in China after photos and videos of the fight went viral on social media.

Original article by Harian Metro.

*Cover Image Credits: Weibo

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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