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“You’re A True Malaysian, Azrul”; Netizens Praise Food Delivery Boy For His Noble & Courteous Act

today25 May 2021


Man, even I’m tearing up…


Positive gestures make people happy. With so much happening in the world, these polite gestures – as simple as they are – can make someone’s day.


Twitter user @firdyfire was so touched to see a polite gesture being shared on Facebook that he had to share it on his Twitter account as well. After reading the post, you’ll probably share his sentiment!



The post tells the tale of a food delivery boy, Azrul, who was given the wrong delivery location. The customer clarified that they were no longer at the office to receive the food but forgot to inform Azrul of the mistake they had made. Their impulse decision was to allow Azrul to keep the food but the boy refused to, concerned that the customer would not have anything to eat.


The next move was what touched Malaysian hearts. Azrul decided to go all the way to their house in Puchong from Cheras FREE OF CHARGE. The customer wanted to give the boy a small ang pow of RM100 but Azrul insisted otherwise. Azrul, who only opened the envelope of money at a nearby petrol station later on came back to the house, eyes filled with tears.


“What you have given me is too much.”


The customer, who insisted on him having the money then simply responded with:


“Listen son, no one can put a value to what you just did for me. Please accept this…go buy yourself something nice.”


Photo via Facebook/Pate Othman


Netizens were touched to see this gesture from Azrul. Here are some of the heart-warming responses.


This user said: “Hopefully you are blessed with prosperity Azrul, hope you even get vaccinated fast.”




Even the food delivery service company acknowledged the gesture.



May Azrul’s wholesome act be an example for everyone. Kudos to you, Azrul!


*Cover Image Credits: Facebook Pate Othman 
Getty Images

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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