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Footballer’s M’sian Citizenship Is Proof That M’sian Mothers Given “Pathetic Excuses”

today1 September 2022


Lee Tuck teruja dapat balik Terengganu - Utusan Malaysia
Source: Utusan

We all know about the battle for citizenship of the children of Malaysian mothers registered with foreign fathers, or with children who were born overseas.

As a fellow JUICE Writer stated in a related article, despite the fact that women are the ones giving birth to children, they were not allowed to apply for citizenships for their offspring born overseas while Malaysian men were up until Dec 2021 – when the appellate court denied Putrajaya’s stay of execution application against a high court decision that confirmed Malaysian mothers’ equal rights to automatically confer citizenship to their overseas-born children.

Despite the landmark ruling, there are still reports of stateless children unable to get citizenship.

Hence, eyebrows were raised yesterday when Malaysian citizenship was given out to Sri Pahang FC’s midfielder, Lee Tuck, who is originally from England.

Lee said that he was “truly grateful…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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