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Foreign Students Harassed & Injured By Men On Motorbike at Mont Kiara in Unprovoked Attack

today22 April 2022


source: Instagram

Instagram user @lucidsoda took to her public profile last night to illustrate a terrifying encounter she had with 2 men passing by on a motorbike. She is an Uzbek graphic design student who has been residing in Malaysia since she was 11.

The incident took place at Publika, around 8pm yesterday. The victim, along with a friend, were reportedly catcalled by the men on the motorbike. The girls chose to ignore the men, and this angered them, to the point where they rode against traffic to further harass the girls.

“We were on a pedestrian walkway in front of a condo with a rail separating us from the road, so we felt alright till we realised they turned up onto the walkway and came towards us; we screamed to draw attention and yelled at them to leave us alone,” the post read.

source: Instagram

She began recording when the men came up to them yet again as they were walking past a Secondary School. That was when…

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Written by: Lara Lee