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‘Friends’ Rip On Myvi Driver During Their CNY Reunion Dinner Pressuring Him To Buy a BMW Instead

today26 January 2023


source: WorldFirst

Happy Chinese New Year first and foremost to all our readers! CNY gatherings can lead to the best of times or the absolute worst depending on who you ask.

Other factors such as the company present at these gatherings, whether it be family or friends, could also make or break what is traditionally supposed to be a time of joyous celebration.

A Myvi user had to experience what he thought was going to be a lovely CNY dinner with his friends that ended up being a roast session by his entire ‘friend group’ who kept questioning why he continued driving a Myvi.

source: WapCar

According to the Facebook page XUAN Play, the Myvi user who had traveled back to his hometown wrote an anonymous confession to them detailing the ordeal in a justifiably bitter fashion.

The dinner started off lighthearted with the friends trading various stories amongst each other about buying new houses and cars, which the Myvi user was…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan