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From Planes To Cars, AirAsia Launches E-Hailing Service ‘AirAsia Ride’ In Klang Valley

today25 August 2021


(Source: People of Asia and Edge Market)

From being up in the air, and now, down on the ground, AirAsia is finally taking their business to the streets with their newly announced e-hailing service, AirAsia Ride.

The E-hailing service is fully opened for business but will only be operating around the Klang Valley area for now with 1,500 registered drivers on board along with fares that are decently set at an average of RM1/km not inclusive of toll charges.

(Source: AirAsia Ride)

According to the CEO of AirAsia Ride Malaysia, Lim Chiew Shan on Lowyat, 5000 more drivers are expected to join within the next 6 months as the company is looking to expand to other parts of Malaysia.

He also states that AirAsia Ride drivers will have the benefit of earning a much higher income compared to other e-hailing companies due to the company’s commission fee which is set at 15%.

Lim also stated that BIG Points, AirAsia’s bonus system to…

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Written by: Charmaine Shaharin

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