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Good Vibes Festival Organisers Set The Record Straight on The 1975 Debacle

today27 July 2023


Source: Good Vibes Festival Facebook page

ALIFE, the coalition representing the Malaysian live performance industry, has issued a statement in response to the Good Vibes Festival’s (GVF) recent cancellation, asserting its support for Future Sound Asia (FSA), the festival’s organisers. 

ALIFE reaffirms its belief that this event is an anomaly and not indicative of the festival or the industry at large. This episode has potential implications for artist and audience confidence, the industry’s overall reputation and financial value. 

In the 2022/23 period, ALIFE members’ hosted approximately 152 ticketed events, selling over 500,000 tickets and generating some RM210 million in gross revenue.

“Over the past decade, the Good Vibes Festival has maintained an exemplary track record of organising exceptional contemporary festivals in Malaysia. The festival has consistently featured a diverse selection of artists, attracting…

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Written by: Dale B

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