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Malaysians donated RM24K so Harvinth Skin could buy shoes??

Inspired by gaming streamers, he drew criticism for the donation drive.
He shares the full story with Fly’s AM Mayhem.



Malaysian YouTuber & influencer Harvinth Skin has found himself in the center of yet another social media storm for crowd-sourcing donations just so he could afford to a pair of Nike Yeezy 2 that costs RM 24,000.

On 24th May, the influencer had posted to his 136,000 followers on Instagram requesting for donations of RM1 from each of them in order to afford the shoes.

In an exclusive phone interview with Fly’s AM Mayhem Monday morning, Harvinth broke down the full story behind #OurShoe.

“I’ve always had this idea of each person giving my RM1, then I would get more than RM100,000 if each of my followers donated because that is what all the international gaming streamers would do. “

Harvinth’s actions quickly gained a lot of traction online – by many Malaysians who accused him of misusing his influence for personal gain, and such large amounts of money should be channelled to the needy instead.

Harvinth added, “My intentions were pure and my fans who donated to me they wanted to donate to me. What is the wrong in it?”

Some Malaysians do agree with him that donations are a private matter, and the donor has the right to pick who they chose to donate to.

Harvinth then released a video last night on YouTube, documenting his journey from Friday which ends with him using the RM1500 he collected to purchase 30 sets of shoes for orphans instead.

Do you agree with his actions? Listen to the full interview below:

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