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Here’s What You Can Do If Your Car Is Damaged From The Flood & How To Claim Insurance For It

today8 March 2022


What To Do If Your Car Is Caught In A Flood – Forbes Advisor

Does your car insurance policy cover floods? What should you do if your car is damaged by a flood? Here’s everything you need to know as a vehicle owner…

In the wake of the devastating floods that hit at least eight states in Malaysia in December 2021, an estimated 50,000 cars were damaged or completely loss.

However, Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA) President Marimuthu Nadason said that up to 95 per cent of vehicle owners would not receive compensation for their repair costs as it was not covered in their insurance.

This is not to say that insurance coverage for floods do not exist; rather, many are either unaware or reluctant to fork out more for it.

With flash floods hitting Kuala Lumpur yet again yesterday, it’s evident that natural disasters can happen anywhere, at any time.

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Written by: Quinny Tan