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Here’s Why Anne Marie Does Her Own Hair And Make Up

The “To Be Young” star talks about her latest track and album!



Anne Marie Interview with Fly FM Ivan

Anne Marie’s new single featuring Doja Cat is out now, and she’s spilling the beans!

In an interview with Fly FM Ivan, Anne Marie chats about the music process of creating the latest track To Be Young with Doja, upcoming album title and hair!

Though her song is now available on all platforms, Anne explains that the song is neither a ballad nor a fast up-tempo song but “it’s somewhere in between” she said.

“ I feel like I just needed to capture a moment, rather than thinking too hard about the tempo or what style it was going to be. ”

When asked how she and Doja Cat came to collaborate, the singer said

“I wrote this song in October last year when we were in real life studio, and when lockdown happened, Doja Cat heard the song, she loved it and wrote a verse to it, recorded it, and sent it back to me, and that’s how it came about!”

Anne Marie Interview with Fly FM Ivan

In parts of the interview Anne talks about her hair and how she bleaches it every five weeks to maintain the hair colour!

Asked why she doesn’t just get a hairstylist- because you know, she’s FAMOUS(!), the star says,

“I feel like I’m a bit of a control freak, I know that people in generally expects ‘Oh, a pop star, they have their own makeup and hair people, and they do it every day.’ I have just never been like that, and I’ve just always wanted to do my own stuff…”

Hear more of why, here on the video! 

And check out the birthday live stream they talked about on the interview!

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