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Hugh Mitchell’s Journey Beyond Harry Potter

today27 March 2023


source: Teen Vogue

Remember Colin Creevey, the young Gryffindor who was Harry Potter’s biggest fan and personal paparazzi? Well, he’s all grown-up now, and we’re here to catch up with Hugh Mitchell, the actor who brought him to life!

Although Colin was only in the second Harry Potter movie, he left a lasting impression on fans. He was a lovable character, eager to make friends and document every moment of Harry’s adventures.

But did you know that Hugh Mitchell’s role was cut from the rest of the movies because he grew up too fast for the part?

source: The Mirror

According to fans, Mitchell looked older than Daniel Radcliffe (who played Harry Potter) by the time of the fifth movie, which made it difficult for him to continue playing the role of Colin Creevey.

As a result, Colin was replaced by an original character, Nigel Wolpert, who was a mix of both Creevey brothers in the books. While this decision may have been…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan

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