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Fly's AM Mayhem

Is Working From Home Better?! #TerkiniWithNandini

today18 May 2020


Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) and CMCO was implemented companies and industries have had to shift to the new normal whereby working from home is the only option. Is working from home better?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss for the industries that do not need their employees psychically at work can they work from home?

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem feel that it is best for employees who can afford to meet their deadlines and produce quality work at home to continue doing that and only come in to work if absolutely necessary or sectors that do need to be present in the work place.

” I’m really glad that after CMCO was announced my employers were like okay, you can come to work at a certain date but if you want to work from home until COVID-19 I actually over you can! They’ve been super supportive and their top most priority is our healthΒ  and i love that. And it also got me thinking that a lot of people have been forced to go to work and I understand some industries have to be there psychically in presence to do the job. But do you think other employers don’t really need their employees to be in the office should practice the same thing?” – Nandini

“We’ve be in MCO for the past 6 weeks right, and the businesses that are still able to survive in these 6 weeks, I’m sure they can still survive another 3 months or so working from home. Because we’ve already figured out a system to do it right!” – Guibo

It is understood by many that working from home is beneficial especially for those who don’t need to be psychically present at work, with that being said do you think a new law should be implemented in that favour?

“I think there should be a new law in the entire country that if you can work from home, if you are psychically, mentally and socially are capable of working from home then you can stay at home and work from home until there is a cure for COVID-19 doesn’t matter if its going to take a year or 4 years you will have to permanently work from home.” – RD

But there remain concerns among employers with their employees are actually producing quality work.

” Think about this from an employers perspective, a lot of employers may have concerns with are my employees actually working, when their working from home cause not everyone is going to be a responsible person. So maybe employers can come up with a system and stuff whereby employees can punch in punch out or keep a closer virtual communication with your employees, I think communication is super important when were not seeing each other. Have video calls to make sure your team is staying on top of their schedules and deadlines” – Nandini

” Also Nandini just meeting the deadlines that should be sufficient enough” – Hafiz

Watch the conversation down below:


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Are y’all okay working from home ? Is it better? ? #FlyAMMayhem #DudukRumah #StayAtHome #WorkFromHome #Covid19

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In conclusion, employers should practice the above and individuals should only come to work if absolutely necessary and to continue to social distance #KitaJagaKita.

Written by: Varesha

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