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JAKIM Debunks Hotel That Said Non-Halal Lift Signage Was Adhered To Prevent Cross Contamination

today7 October 2022


Over the past week you might’ve noticed this picture circulating around the internet.

A local hotel placed a β€œnon-halal” sign on one of its lifts because it allegedly had to adhere to requirements set by the local authorities.

The news of this picked up after lawyer and social activist, Siti Kassim, posted a picture of the β€œnon-halal lift” on social media and questioned the rationale behind it.

A hotel spokesman explained that they had to have β€œhalal” and β€œnon-halal” lifts for the movement of goods and perishable items.

β€œIt is part of the halal certification requirements. We have since reworded our signage for clearer understanding,” said the spokesperson.

While that may have been the intention of the hotel, many thought it referred to other non-halal activities and it caused a frenzy of retweets and outraged replies.

Biodata Siti Zabedah Kassim - bacsta

Siti, meanwhile, said hotels should be brave enough to question the Department of…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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