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Japanese Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Could Not Recall Murdering His Granddaughter

today13 June 2022


JUICE previously discussed the future of Alzheimer’s disease as new medication promises hope for patients and their families.

Recently, Japan saw the disease’s effect and was stunned to learn of an 88-year-old grandpa who killed his 16-year-old granddaughter.

Susumu Tomizawa, 88, appeared in a western Japan court last month and confessed to murdering his granddaughter Tomomi, 16, nearly two years ago. The man, however, claimed to not remember the incident.

To Tomomi’s regret, she died in Fukui City in September 2020 following a fight with her grandpa, who was her primary caretaker.

Fukui CIty

Tomizawa stated that he was intoxicated at the time and proceeded to repeatedly stab his granddaughter in the neck with a 7-inch kitchen knife.

Tomizawa then dialled his oldest son’s phone and informed him that he had discovered Tomomi’s lifeless body in a pool of blood.

When the son alerted authorities, they hurried to the area…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman

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