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Jason Momoa Was Stuck In An Elevator For 2 Hours!

We wouldn’t mind getting stuck with Jason Momoa for 2 hrs!



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Jason Momoa’s week started off somewhat a little rocky after revealing to his Insta fam that he got stuck in an elevator for two hours!Image result for jason momoaImage via Yahoo News

The Game of Thrones star was trapped in a lift inside the L’Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, late Monday night (August 26) with his dog and a group of friends and he documented his entire experience on his Instagram Stories.

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“Well, we’re stuck on an elevator,” he says in one video. “The fire department really doesn’t want to show up.”

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The group passed the time by eating M&Ms and drinking beer, as well as jokingly talking about who they should eat first if they were unable to get out. At one point, Momoa and his friends even tried breaking through the elevator ceiling, but their attempt to escape failed. “I was trying to be like Die Hard, but it didn’t work out,” he said.

It’s unclear when or how the 40-year-old actor was able to get out since he didn’t give any updates (thanks Jason, *Rolling eye emoji*) but he’s safe and sound now, that’s what matters. His last Instagram Story featured him and his dog in a hotel bed.

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Momoa is currently in Canada filming the Apple+ series See, which takes place in “a future when the human race has lost the sense of sight, and society has had to find new ways to interact, to build, to hunt, to survive.”Image result for jason momoa Apple+ series SeeImage via ComingSoon

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