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Joji Makes a Return to Malaysia in Upcoming Pandemonium Asia Tour

today23 August 2023


The artist formerly known as Filthy Frank will be returning to Malaysia for another concert. His second show in 2023, Joji fans can find themselves slow dancing in the dark in the sanctuary of the Merdeka Hall at World Trade Center KL on November 30.Β 

All photos were taken from Joji’s official Facebook page.Β 

Joji’s first show of 2023 happened at Peakstorm Festival on February 19, where the artist headlined the show with local acts like Airliftz and Midnight Fusic.Β 

That was Joji’s second show in the country, with his first performance in the country happening during Good Vibes Festival 2019.

Needless to say, the comedian-turned-singer has had an illustrious career with over 16 billion combined streams online. Signature songs like β€˜Slow Dancing in the Dark’ and β€˜Sanctuary’ has cemented…

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Written by: Dale B