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K-Drama ‘Penthouse 2’ Criticized For Being ‘Too Violent’

today22 March 2021

*Spoilers ahead for Episode 10 of 'The Penthouse: War on Life'*


In the same way that its predecessor had K-drama lovers glued to their screens, ‘The Penthouse: War on Life’ (aka ‘Penthouse 2’ is continuing the vein of jealousy, lies and shocking unveils present ‘The Penthouse’. The first season introduced viewers to the closely intertwined lives of three wealthy, beautiful women and their families. For the uninitiated, the ‘Penthouse’ in question is known as Hera Palace and is home to the elite. The story follows the lives of:


• Shim Su-ryeon: an elegant, wealthy woman who, at first glance, seems to rule Hera Palace. Her husband Joo Dan-tae is a successful businessman with a secret.

•  Cheon Seo-Jin was born rich and unfortunately, wields this like a weapon in arrogance. Her husband, Ha Yoon-Cheol, is the chief surgeon at a hospital.

• Oh Yoon-hee, a successful soprano singer from a humble family background. Her father is the head of the Cheong-ah Arts School, where all the characters children attend. Yoon-hee has bad blood with Cheon Seo-jin, with whom she gets involved in a love triangle with Ha Yoon-cheol.


Now, their lives begin to unravel when a young girl falls to her death during a party at Hera Palance. The residents try to cover up the fact that someone died on their premises, but are deeply suspicious of each other, thinking that maybe, one of them murdered the girl. Modelled after the 2018 hit ‘SKY Castle’, ‘Penthouse’ went on to become as big of a hit with its 21-episode run. Now, ‘Penthouse 2’, sees the main characters return to expose secrets, exact revenge and bring about each others downfall. However, in much of the same way that the first instalment of the drama raised concerns over the violence depicted on screen, the second season is again facing criticism.



In the 10th episode of the series, the scenes were deemed inappropriate as they depicted physical and domestic violence (this includes a scene with flogging). One of the characters even kills another by using a trophy as a weapon. Netizens called out the cast and crew for the brutal, exaggerated inclusion of violence.







However, others were quick to point out that the drama has a 19+ rating for a reason, and viewers should expect sensitive content. Two more seasons remaining to the second season, and a third season already slated, viewers can expect that the drama will only get more intense.




Have you been keeping up with the characters in ‘Penthouse’? Let us know what you think! Should the drama tone down the graphic content or should viewers be wary/change channels should the scenes be too disturbing?


*Cover image credits: SBS

Written by: Marissa Anne

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