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Kanye West Uploaded A Video Of Him Peeing On His Grammy. Here’s Why

today17 September 2020


Last night, it Kanye West got VERY busy on Twitter. In a video that is still on his Twitter account, the rapper can be seen peeing on his Grammy award. The video, uploaded alongside the tweet –


“Trust me, I won’t stop.”


Is one of the many ways that the 43-year-old rapper is hitting out at the record industry. As it turns out, over the past few day’s West has been criticising the music industry – which he referred to as “modern-day slave ships” – while making his intention to “free all musicians” public. He also tweeted that artists need to own their work as “in the streaming world, master ownership is everything” and that it is “the bulk of the income.” West claims that, given the coronavirus pandemic, this is “more important than ever.”


In one of these tweets, he detailed how musicians are settling for what little they get and have grown too comfortable with the lux life that this gets them.


As such, he has also called on his famous colleagues (and one nemesis) to join him in his fight.


This is because,according to him, he has no rights to his masters. Tweeting that with Universal, he has 10 contracts that he alleges the company is trying to “bury him alive” under. He went on to post screenshots of the pages of his contracts while asking “every lawyer in the world to look at these”.  He also claims that Universal Music Group is withholding information and refusing to tell him how much his masters cost.



West tweeted that he’s the only person that “can’t be muted or cancelled”. He claims that, having “made multi billions outside of music” while “no musicians make billions inside of music”, he’s “the only person who can speak on this because” and promised he’s “going to change this.”



He continues in a separate tweet that the outcome of his fight is so that his children will own his masters and “NOT YOUR CHILDREN”, referring to the four children he shares with wife Kim Kardashian.


West has been openly battling bipolar disorder, with his problems first becoming public knowledge at his presidential rally in South Carolina. Kim, with whom he tied the knot with in 2014, has since asked members of the public for “compassion” and “empathy” for Kanye as she acknowledged his bipolar episode.

Written by: Marissa Anne

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