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Kelantanese Widower Claims That A Bear Dug Up His Wife’s Corpse & Ate Her Flesh

today10 January 2023


How to survive a bear attack -- or better yet, avoid one altogether | CNN Travel
Source: CNN

It is devastating enough for someone to lose their loved one, but apparently there is so much worse that could happen after the fact.

Kampung Dakoh, a village in the state of Kelantan, underwent a bear sighting on 27 December and some say they also witnessed the beast dig up a grave and eat the flesh off a corpse’s decaying body.

The victim was Amek Along, who had passed away of a stroke on 1 December and was buried in the resident graveyard, not 300m from where she was residing.

Keadaan kubur yang digali beruang dalam kejadian 27 Disember lalu. - Foto ihsan penduduk
Source: Berita Harian

Her husband, Mazlan Aluij, was on a routine visit to clean up his late wife’s grave and noticed that the body was dug up at 9:20am.

He was with his son when they realised that there were footprints and bear droppings around the area.

“The next day, I brought the village residents along to check the area. We found that Amek’s body was eaten by a wild bear and it was roaming around the graveyard.”

Mazlan Aluij menunjukan laporan polis dibuatnya di Balai Polis Gua Musang. - Foto ihsan penduduk

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Written by: Quinny Tan