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Local Journalist Says Celebrity Preachers Should Give Up Their Titles If Their Lust Is Irrepressible

today14 September 2022


Local journalist and TV host Finaz Yunus took to Instagram earlier today to express her agreement with Religious Affairs minister Datuk Idris Ahmad’s words of advice towards celebrity preachers, whilst delivering a profound message of her own.

Datuk Idris Ahmad previously told celebrity preachers to ensure they do not get caught up in immoral acts and lose the trust of the community.

source: Astro Awani

First, he said, they need to always practice every one of their preachings that is delivered to the community; second, always self-reflect; third, be aware of the risk of being an individual who has an influence on the community and lastly, to mind one’s own behaviour.

This advice came after the reporting of several sexually heinous cases allegedly committed by famous celebrity preachers, with the latest instance involving an independent preacher and actor who was arrested by the police last Thursday after purportedly…

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Written by: Lara Lee