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Local Preacher Opposes BLACKPINK Performing In M’sia In March As It’s “Too Close To Ramadan”

today27 January 2023


source: Murai MY

Independent preacher Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak, widely known as PU Syed, has once again voiced his disapproval towards the much-anticipated BLACKPINK concert set to take place in Stadium Bukit Jalil next month.

Via Instagram on Wednesday (January 25), PU Syed urged Muslims in the nation to exert all reasonable efforts to stop the “ridiculous” concert from transpiring.

He also noted that Malaysia was rife with immorality and that a performance was all that was required to put it in check.

“The entertainment, way of life, and fashion of today are out of control. It doesn’t matter who is in power or what organisation is responsible. Ban means ban!” he said, adding that he has been organising a protest against concerts being held in Malaysia since October of last year.

The preacher explained that he is opposed to BLACKPINK performing in March as it is “too close to Ramadan.”


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Written by: Lara Kramer

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