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Man Gets Slapped 52 Times By girlfriend, Because He Didn’t Buy Her A New Phone

today24 May 2019


Via nextshark

In China, May 20th is a day for Chinese couples to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day. It’s a time where couples make cute gestures to show their affection to their partner, but for one couple their affection for one another may not be what anyone would want to go through.

In Sichuan province, a couple shocked on-lookers and passers-by when a woman was seen slapping her supposed boyfriend 52 times, while the man stood there and did – nothing!

Why she slapped her boyfriend you ask? Because her lover failed to buy her a brand new phone. The number of slaps were confirmed by police after investigation.

However, police later found that the woman had been providing for the man’s expenses all this while.

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Written by: Elyda

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