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Man In Military Uniform Harasses Vape Store Employee By Sucking On Her Finger

today7 October 2021


Source: Facebook

A viral Facebook post over the week exposed a customer in military uniform at a vape shop who harassed a female staff working there, and here’s the weirdest part; he put her finger in his mouth! Geli..

Amir Hamzah, the netizen who wrote the Facebook post, said that the incident took place at a vape store located in Taman Keramat on 5th October.

Source: Facebook

According to the post, the perpetrator initially came to the shop at 1pm to purchase vape pods, but that took a turn when he noticed that the 18-year-old female shopkeeper was alone.

β€œHe asked to taste the vape flavour, when the victim wanted to give him the vape, he pushed the edge of the pod, held her hand and then sucked the victim’s finger,” the Facebook user wrote.

Source: Facebook

After buying his vape pods, he actually left the shop but later returned and told the shopkeeper that his pod was suddenly not functioning.

The female employee checked the pod and…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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