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Man Rants About Famous Fast Food Chain But His Broken English Cracks Netizens Instead

At least he tried!



The Malaysian internet is broken yet again, and this time it’s none other than a terrible experience at a famous fast food chain.  We often see people complaining about bad food, poor service to warn others not to repeat their mistake. So what’s new you asked?

A man on a famous Chinese discussion group KL Blow Water (KL 吹水站) posted about his terrible experience at a well-known fast food restaurant outlet in Medan, Ipoh.

What’s the big deal about his complaint? Let me TRY to tell you (You’ll see why)


I have tried my best to understand what exactly the man was saying Apparently, he was served uncooked meat at a fast food outlet at Medan Ipoh around 6pm-7pm. But he mentioned that he was having “breakfast”. Erm, okay? But that’s not the point.

When he tried to complain about the raw meat at the counter, the staff brushed him off without responding to his complaint.

Besides served poor quality food and service, he mentioned that the outlet didn’t provide him with any receipts as proof of payment.

And finally, he ended his post with an angry string of cuss words. Absolutely perfect.

He also posted 4 very confusing images to his rant

Confused Netizens Try to Understand This Man's Complaint in Broken English, We Translate It for You - WORLD OF BUZZ

From the long post, we understand he was talking about the fast food restaurant. But nobody has a clue why he also included three photos of a boba shop.

It was a no brainer that he used Google Translate to write his complaint. Netizen were trying to decode the message this lad was conveying, but most failed and wrote hilarious (and mean) comments instead.

One said: “It’s either you write in Chinese, or you might as well not write at all. What kind of broken English is this? My eyes almost bled reading this!”

Another said: “Please use Chinese. Your English level is too high. I can’t understand.”

Let us know if you can decode his post!

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