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‘Marai no Tora’ Chronicles Japan’s Strategic WW2 Twist On The Harimau Malaya Legacy

today30 August 2023


source: Alchetron

As the sun rises on the horizon of 31 August, we prepare to celebrate Merdeka, a day of pride and remembrance. Yet, beneath the veneer of valour and sacrifice that characterises the nation’s cinematic history, a different tale lurks – one meticulously designed through the lens of a Japanese propaganda machine, woven into the black-and-white frames of a 1943 film, Marai no Tora.

Where the tumult of physical battles subsides, a more insidious struggle unfolds; one for the hearts and minds of the populace. It’s a struggle where narratives and truths are deliberately twisted to serve a larger agenda. Released merely a year after Japan’s colonisation of Malaya, the movie stands as a striking example of how film was employed as a tool of manipulation during World War II.

For context, the aim was to secure Japan’s dominion over the economic riches of Southeast Asia, encompassing the Dutch East Indies, as well as the British territories of…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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