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‘Missing’ Young M’sian Who Was Found Dead Allegedly Worked For Australian Cannabis Cartel

today5 April 2022


Murder victim Wong Chong Kai.

A Malaysian in Australia who has been missing since December 2020 has been found buried 6 feet under after being missing for over a year.

Human remains, believed to be that of a Malaysian man, have been found near Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia yesterday (April 3).

The deceased, ‘Jacky’ Chong Kai Wong had gone missing since December 2020 when he was 24-years-old. Jacky moved to Sydney in 2016 and he last spoke to his family on December 28, 2020.

The property was allegedly a cannabis cultivation farm.

According to a report by Daily Mail, Jacky was in Australia on a holiday visa, but he was actually working as a ‘crop sitter’ for a south-east Asian crime group growing commercial amounts of marijuana, police said.

Police believe he was murdered more than a year ago after becoming involved with a drug cartel.

“We know Jacky was working for a criminal enterprise involved in the cultivation of cannabis in regional NSW around the time of his alleged murder,” Drug and…

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Written by: Quinny Tan