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M’sian Influencer Shares Terrifying Scenes After Stalker Live Tweets Breaking Into Her Apartment

today2 September 2022


(source: IG/TWT @wannursyaira)

For many creative and entrepreneurial users, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube are valuable pathways to career success. While loyal followers on social media are important for influencers, some fans can develop an obsession that unfortunately leads to acts that can be… terrifying.

Just yesterday (2 Sept) evening, a Malaysian influencer and businesswoman was shocked to learn that her office apartment has been broken into by an alleged stalker. She shared about the incident on Instagram and Twitter alongside videos and photos of what the man had wrecked in her unit.


It all started when the influencer noticed that the balcony door was opened while in a Grab downstairs. She immediately called the building’s security to do a check-up and while they were there, the security heard a man screaming from her unit. Fortunately, swift action was taken and police came to…

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Written by: Karissa Lund