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M’sians Brave Heavy Rainfall, First To Stand Foots The Bill!

today19 January 2024



source: TikTok/ @aizzatzokri17

In Malaysian culture, a common and unspoken practice is playfully arguing over who foots the bill after a meal. Recently, a group of Malaysians took this tradition to a new level, enduring heavy rain to decide who would be the one to pay.

A short TikTok clip from Coach Aizzat, a local volleyball coach, showcased the memorable incident. Dining with friends at a stall in Jijan, Nilai Lama, Seremban, they made a friendly bet – the first one to stand up during the rain would pay for everyone.

Initially thinking the rain would pass quickly, the group turned their meal into a playful competition. However, the drizzle turned into heavy rainfall, soaking them. Despite being thoroughly wet, none of them backed down from the challenge:

@aizzatzokri17 Cer teka siapa bayar? #kawangiler ♬ La foule – Remastered – Édith Piaf

The stall owner found their dedication amusing, capturing the spectacle on…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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