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Health Minister Claims Warm Water Can Kill Coronavirus Because It “Doesn’t Like Heat”

It's a myth that originated from viral social media posts and has been debunked by multiple experts."We always caution anyone healthy and people who are sick to keep up fluid intake and keep mucus membranes moist," Dr William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University told the Associated Press back in February."It makes you feel better, there is no clear indication... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today22 August 2020

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Semak Dahulu Sebelum Guna, 3 Ciri Face Mask ‘Fabrik’ Ini Sahaja Yang Disyorkan Oleh WHO

Ia bagi mengelakkan kira-kira 60 peratus penyebaran penyakit saluran pernafasan yang tersebar melalui virus termasuk Covid-19.ο»Ώ Malah, kerajaan juga telah mewajibkan penggunaan face mask dalam pengangkutan awam dan di tempat awam yang sesak bermula 1 Ogos ini.Menurut Menteri Kanan (Kluster Keselamatan), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, ia akan membabitkan pengangkutan awam... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today23 July 2020

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Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing A Fabric Face Mask According To The WHO

However, the WHO emphasised that the main purpose of a fabric face mask is to protect others around the wearer and not the person using the mask themself.Ensuring a 1-metre physical distance and washing hands frequently are still the best steps a person can take to prevent themselves from being infected by COVID-19. Here is the WHO's full guideline on how to wear a fabric face... Click here to read […]

today12 June 2020

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Do You Still Need To Wear A Mask In Public If You Seem Healthy? Here’s What MOH & WHO Says

Among the benefits, it listed:β€” reduced potential exposure risk from infected persons before they develop symptoms,β€” reduced potential stigmatisation of individuals wearing masks to prevent infecting others or of people caring for COVID-19 patients in non-clinical settings,β€” making people feel they can play a role in contributing to stopping the spread of the virus.One other... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today7 June 2020

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Malaysia Launches World’s 1st Index To Track COVID-19 Pandemic Control

As part of his opening speech, the minister said, "While we have been focused on saving lives within our respective borders, we now need to reach out and share what each country has learnt so that we can create an internationally crowdsource playbook of best practices in handling the pandemic."This, he adds, is why the GCI was created. "The partnership [between the MOSTI and PEMUDA... Click here to read the […]

today5 June 2020