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Mum Of 2 Autistic Kids Employs Special Needs Staff At Chatime Branch To End Stigma & Raise Awareness

today18 July 2022


Image via iStock

Neuroatypical individuals face struggles incomprehensible to the rest of the society, and one common issue is landing a decent job. In fact, a report by NST expressed that career options for people with autism remain limited in South East Asia, particularly in Malaysia.

A policy paper published by the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) also insisted that there is a need for more training and job opportunities for people with autism here.

Dr Wan Azliza (right) pictured with Ceddy.

Dr Wan Himratul Azliza Binti Wan Harun, a doctor at Thomson Hospital whose expertise is Internal Medicine, has made a commendable initiative to lessen this particular burden for local autistic folks by employing them at a Chatime branch located within the hospital.

As the mother of 2 autistic children herself, Dr Wan told food vlogger and BFM host Ceddy that she hopes her effort helps raise awareness on autism.

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Written by: Lara Lee