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9-Year-Old Malaysian Gives Speech On COVID-19 And Wins An Award For It

In his speech, Mohamad Daniel advised adults to take the COVID-19 vaccines in his speech. He began by sharing several facts about the vaccine β€” one of them being that vaccines do not cause autism.His most powerful statement throughout the speech was that "there (are) no vaccines for kids". He said that decisions made by adults regarding receiving the COVID-19 vaccine would affect children.The youngster gave an enlightening explanation about […]

today26 April 2021

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KLIA Creates Calm Room And Sensory Walls To Support Autism

Upon arriving at KLIA, parents can then proceed to the Information Counter at Level 5 to pick up their Butterfly Kits, and are advised to bring their persons with disability (OKU) card or a letter from any hospital or clinic to confirm their learning disability.The kit contains a Butterfly lanyard that will provide lanyard wearers and their guardians access to the Calm Room and more information about the location of […]

today13 April 2021

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This Autism-Friendly Cafe In Subang Just Opened And It Serves The Most Amazing M’sian Food

Mohd Adli spoke to Astro Awani last Thursday, 1 April, to promote the new cafe and the project's ventures.He added that while at the cafes, his son - Luqman - also spends his time making bracelets and selling them onΒ Lazada.Since January this year, Luqman and employees at the cafes have been working hard to prepare free meals for frontliners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.They call the initiative 'Support Frontliners'.The meals consist […]

today5 April 2021

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Lockdown Is Making Children More Emotionally Tired & Wrecked. Here’s How To Deal With Them

A quick and simple technique called the 'Rapid Resets' (RR) helps to de-escalate a stressed child, helps children to build resilience, calms the central nervous systems, and brings their "thinking brains" back online.In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home stress, family abuse/violence, racism, and religious discriminatory, empathy has taken a back seat. Stress and trauma trigger a response in the amygdala (the survival part of the brain that […]

today30 January 2021