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“My Roti Canai Is Still 50 Sen” Melaka Vendor Keeps Prices Low For The Poor Despite High Costs

today26 May 2022


Abang Roti Canai 50 sen kekalkan harga

When most of us think of comfort food on the cheap, we probably default to a reliably delicious, affordable serving of nasi lemak bungkus, or a crispy piece of roti canai with your choice of curry gravy or dhal with a sweet glass of teh tarik.

But with the cost of wheat flour rising locally, Malaysian Indian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma) president Jawahar Ali Taib Khan has said that the prices of wheat-based menu items may also increase in kind as restaurant operators struggle to cope with higher operating costs.

Yet with all that talk of increased costs and more expensive roti canai abound, a stall operator in Melaka has staunchly made the decision to keep the prices of his own roti canai at a partly 50 sen a piece, which is a far cry from the prices that many of us now expect to pay for the staple Malaysian dish.

As reported by Malaysia Gazette, 58-year-old Mustafa Abd Latif has endeavoured to turn a blind…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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